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Pre 2009 Guestbook entries:

Your Name :   David Garner
Home Town :   Dexter/Malden
Comment :   Motorcycle training is the best thing you can do for your own improvement and It Could save your life. Thanks for the training
Your Name :   Kelly
Home Town :   Sikeston
Comment :   Thanks so much for the great class and learning experience!
Your Name :   Amy Johnson
Home Town :   Dexter
Comment :   My husband and I took the BRC together and had a great time. Rick & Lynn are wonderful instructors! The very next day, we bought a bike and passed our State written exam. Good times ahead!
Your Name :   Pam Hurst
Home Town :   Dexter
Comment :   I am glad that I took this course 2 years ago. I have learned alot. I really enjoy my bike riding and am glad that I took the course.
Your Name :   Mike Smitty Schmidt
Home Town :   Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Comment :   Rick and Lynn and lovely wifes: Thanks for an excellent ERC. Had ridden for years with some bad habits and you got me straightened out! I highly recommend this class to ALL riders. GREAT Class and super instructors, too!
Your Name :   Stacey P. Ward
Home Town :   Poplar Bluff
Comment :   Just took this course with Lynn and Rick this past weekend. It was a great learning experience and very helpful. Lynn and Rick are truly wonderful instructors. We are fortunate to have them teaching in Southeast Mo. I highly recommend this course for all
Your Name :   Danny
Home Town :   Herculaneum
Comment :   My dad took this course and I hope I can in the near future!
Your Name :   bobby n
Home Town :   piggott
Comment :   Hey guys I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the class. I loved the way it was laid back and not stressful. I bought me a harley super glide a week later.
Your Name :   Rhonda Wilkes
Home Town :   Poplar Bluff
Comment :   I started learning to ride 30 years ago. I took the experienced rider course April 5,2008. It was great. It gave me a lot to think about. And, I am still learning. Thank you so much.
Your Name :   Paul Pratt
Home Town :   Dexter
Comment :   Great job Lynn and Rick. I attended the BRC April 19-20 and it was time and money well spent as well as a fun time. No doubt Ill be a better and safer rider because of this course. I highly recommend this course to those that hadnt ridden in a while and e
Your Name :   Bryan Hubbard
Home Town :   East Prairie
Comment :   Great course!
Your Name :   Larry Leeds
Home Town :   Poplar Bluff
Comment :   I took the experienced course and leaned a lot and I have been riding for years and now I feel I am a better ride today, thanks Lynn and Rick. Everyone should take this course
Your Name :   Steve and Pat Thornburgh
Home Town :   Williamsville
Comment :   Its been a year since we took the course and are thankful every day we did. Just one year after the course Steve avoided very serious injury when a car pulled in front of him in Poplar Bluff. A local police officer said that he was very fortunate to only
Your Name :   Jim Matthews
Home Town :   Caruthersville
Comment :   Very good!! As an experienced biker I learned some new things. Great program!!! Lynn and Rick are absolutely fantastic instructors. Really down to earth. Thanks so much guys!!
Your Name :   Mitch Green
Home Town :   Malden
Comment :   Could not have had a better experience. Rick and Lynn were great! Both very nice guys and very good at what they do. The classroom and range work were both very helpful. This is not just a new rider course - lots of great info and training. Thanks guys.
Your Name :   Larry Chailland
Home Town :   Kennett, Mo
Comment :   What a great program. I dont know how you could learn so much so quickley. But I did. Thanks Rick,Lynn, Mrs. Karen and Staff.
Your Name :   Connie Crosson Smith
Home Town :   Kennett
Comment :   Great time! Rick and Lynn were great - alsolutely worth the money. Recommending to everyone I know.
Your Name :   Tammie
Home Town :   Holcomb, Mo.
Comment :   The class was great for a beginner. I learned alot and had a GREAT time! You guys are AWESOME!
Your Name :   Paul Roberts
Home Town :   New Madrid
Comment :   Everyone associated with BMT i would like to thank you for the great time and wonderful learning experience that was provided. As a new rider i learned safe and practical riding experience. I would suggest your courses to anyone, even the most seasoned of
Your Name :   April Berry
Home Town :   Dexter, MO
Comment :   I gained so much from taking this course! Thank you so much Rick and Lynn for helping me to become a better motorcycle rider!! I would recommend this class to everyone!!!
Your Name :   Steve Clark
Home Town :   Charleston, MO.
Comment :   Definitely worth the investment!! I walked away with more practical, basic knowledge that I can apply to my daily riding experience than I hoped I would. As instructors/riders, Rick & Lynn are as valuable an asset as the MSF course itself. Thanks again...
Your Name :   Steve ane Pat
Home Town :   Willilamsville
Comment :   We loved the course and are recommending it to everyone we see that rides or wants to ride! Keep up the great work and we look forward to the experienced class!
Your Name :   Ron Hornback
Home Town :   Charleston, MO
Comment :   Rick and Lynn...thanks for a very imformative and educational class. I would encourage everyone, experienced or beginner, to participate in this course. Both of you showed a lot of interest in each indiviual and offered constructive criticism to all of us
Your Name :   Cheri Floyd
Home Town :   Poplar Bluff
Comment :   Thanks Rick and Lynn for your excellent instruction and confidence building skills! I really enjoyed this course and highly recommend it for anybody that currently rides or is interested in riding! In my opinion, it was worth every penny and then some! Th
Your Name :   Tonya Healy
Home Town :   Jackson
Comment :   Thank you Rick and Lynn!! Even though it was my husbands idea to take this course, I am soo glad I did. My friends think it is too cool that I am now an official biker chic! The class was great and insightful, the people were all friendly and put us at ea
Your Name :   Schree Gourley
Home Town :   Malden, Mo
Comment :   Rick, Lynn and their wives were awesome and I HIGHLY recommend anyone to take this course. They helped all of us with professionalism and friendlyness. I love all of them and I love my new skills..Thanks guys!!
Your Name :   Gregg August
Home Town :   Scott City
Comment :   Yep - I drove a total of about 4.5 hours total for both days - but it was worth it. Rick and Lynn can teach you things youd have no idea you were messing up on. Im going to feel 100% safer when I ride my motorcycle from now on. I would advise anyone e
Your Name :   Dennis Pleasant
Home Town :   Bloomfield
Comment :   I have been riding for 30 years and took this course with my wife and guess what!!! I learned alot too!!!1 Great Job B M T
Your Name :   Carole
Home Town :   New Madrid
Comment :   I highly recommend this course. I learned some very important skills, while having fun. Worth every penny.
Your Name :   Sarah
Home Town :   Malden
Comment :   This is a fun and enjoyable course. I think that everybody should take the course..... it gives u a chance to make new friends while doing it. I love u Daddy.
Your Name :   Melissa Hubbard
Home Town :   Sikeston
Comment :   My sister and I took the basic riders class and we had a great time. We both learned a lot and made some new friends in the process. Rick and Lynn do a great job of instructing new riders and they were great at making us feel confident. I am recommending
Your Name :   Jamie
Home Town :   New Madrid
Comment :   I took the course and I loved it!! Its easy, fun, and you learn all kinds of things!! I think its a good course to take!! I love you Daddy!!
Your Name :   Larry Jones
Home Town :   Kennett
Comment :   Rick and Lynn were great instructors. It was an excellent course and everyone learned the correct way to ride. A 16 hour course may seem like a long weekend, but the time passed very quickly. Everyone worked hard and enjoyed it.
Your Name :   Steve Waters
Home Town :   Matthews
Comment :   All of the Matthews guys say thanks! We enjoyed the class and the pictures. If you ever get free, its the Harvest Cafe for coffee in the mornings 6:30 to 10 am or so. Take care, we really enjoyed you guys and the great course.
Your Name :   daniel scheper
Home Town :   scott city
Comment :   still just wanna say thanks i got my lic. and been riding ever since. bought my first bike too not a harley but its a bike lol ill have to mke more money for that. ride safe guys had fun
Your Name :   Christi Ashley
Home Town :   New Madrid, Mo
Comment :   I would like to thank Lynn and Rick for the excellant job they did instructing the ERC. I recommend that all riders take this course. You think you know all there is to know about riding, until you take this course. There are so many dos and donts. Their
Your Name :   Christy
Home Town :   Malden
Comment :   I took the course & being a new rider, learned alot of valuable info. Ive been recomending the course to everyone. Thanks guys
Your Name :   sarah
Home Town :   malden
Comment :   i took the basic rider course and i had a blast.... there is always something new to learn even if u have been rididng a while. i really recommend this class to everybody!!!!!!!!!!
Your Name :   Tom Leible
Home Town :   Chaffee,Mo
Comment :   Good idea guys, Ill try to help you get the word out up my way.
Your Name :   Neil Meyers
Home Town :   Raytown, MO
Comment :   good job
Your First Name :   TOMMY
Home Town :   NEW MADRID
Your First Name :   Rick
Home Town :   Malden
Comment :   Great job Lynn I like the site and I recommend the course to everyone.
Your First Name :   Christi
Home Town :   New Madrid
Comment :   I took this course and loved it. I recommend it to everyone.
Your First Name :   Paula
Home Town :   Risco
Comment :   Good website, well done. I hope you guys stay busy, everyone should take the course, they might learn something, and it could save their life someday.
Your First Name :   Karen
Home Town :   Jackson
Comment :   This website is great! I am sending the address to my church website because we have lots of motorcycle riders. Lynn, I am proud of you!
Your First Name :   Karen
Home Town :   New Madrid
Comment :   As a lady rider, I really recommend this course to anyone that is interested in motorcycle riding, either to learn how to ride or just to refresh your memory. Its also a great way to meet new people and to have lots of fun while learning.
Your First Name :   Jim
Home Town :   Leopold
Comment :   I highly recommend this class to experienced and new riders alike.
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